While most companies have email systems they can archive and track, many still use non-secure instant messaging systems. Often unknown and untracked by IT or management, public IM systems open a business to serious legal and security risks.

Tucan Technologies’ hosted Lync 2013 service is:

•    Secure and private
•    Legally compliant
•    Built for business use
•    Integrated* with your hosted Exchange email

*This feature is only supported in the Exchange-integrated version of Lync, not the stand-alone version.

Business Benefits

Lync provides a secure and professional alternative for instant messaging and unified communications.

Benefits include:

•    Free/busy status – integrated*
Lync users can see whether colleagues are available, away, busy or offline. It integrates* with Outlook, SharePoint and the desktop client Lync (included free with the service). So if a user has a meeting from 10am to 11am, they will automatically display as 'busy' in Lync.
•    Conversations are saved
Lync lets users save and search all IM conversations inside Outlook, just like their email.
•    Secure and private
Secure instant messaging allows users to send messages with end-to-end encryption so sensitive information is never at risk of being hacked.
•    Higher productivity

PC-to-PC file transferring functionality allows instant document-sharing, increasing productivity and efficiency.

*This feature is only supported in the Exchange-integrated version of OCS, not the stand-alone version